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  • We believe in the value of technology as an
    essential tool for education.


    To promote the training, development and skills of people through technological and training solutions aimed at professional growth and continuous improvement.


    Be the leading company in Latin America in technology services for education and training, aimed at students and institutional collaborators.








  • If you are looking to save time in your training, reduce costs of moving staff to training centers and optimize resources, training staff virtually is the solution.

  • Services

    We have everything you need for your e-Learning initiatives!

    Virtual Education Platforms (LMS)

    We provide you with a state-of-the-art LMS, simple and user-friendly, where students can log in with a username and password to learn through your training programs.


    Design and Development of e-Learning Courses

    We develop learning experiences that allow to achieve the expected results in a playful and didactic way.



    Content Development/Instructional Design

    Based on the needs of educational instruction, we plan, elaborate and implement the instructional design using the ADDIE model, focused on student learning.

  • Recent Proyects

    The best way to understand what we do is to know what we did.

    Web Platform and APP for Online Training

    Developed for all collaborators of the

    BHD León Financial Center

    Online Organization Onboarding Program

    BHD León Financial Center

    • Types of Money Laundering
    • Prevention of Money Laundering, Financing of Terrorism and Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (PLAFTPADM)
    • Due Diligence
    • Code of Ethics and Conduct
    • Potential Money Laundering Risk Events

    Online Employee Onboarding Program

    Designed for all the collaborators of the BHD León Financial Center

    LAB-VEE Educational TechMakers

    Co-creation of the LAB-VEE educational ecosystem, with Study Programs on various Technologies. Developed in conjunction with the team at UTESA Santiago

    e-Learning Course “Local context of the Dominican Republic in the field of Financial Crime Prevention”

    Course open to the public available at Opex.do

    Co-created with José De Pool for RFCO

    e-Learning Course “Conflict as an Opportunity”

    Course open to the public available at Opex.do 

    Co-Created with Katy Civolani and Paola Feliz

    for Patio Común

    e-Learning Course "Finances for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)"

    Free course available at Opex.do

    Developed for the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Small & Medium Businesses (MICM)

    Food Safety Management Courses

    Co-created with Hospitality Marketing Group

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